Thomas Coupe

Dr. DeSylvia’s holistic, integrative and whole body approach of medical care is unlike anything I have experienced by a health care provider.

I can honestly say that after years of going to a number of Drs. throughout the country (and not being able to accurately determine the cause of my symptoms), Dr. Dawn has completely changed my health and my life by getting to the root of my symptoms.

Before I met Dr Dawn, I had accepted a ’new normal’, or ‘new, bad normal’, of not feeling good, but today,

I have never felt as good as I currently do. As a result of her thorough assessment, and her deep understanding and smart application of many different treatments, I have been able to step back into thriving, and living the healthiest, best version of myself.  I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful for her guidance, brilliance, and healing ways. We don’t have to settle for not feeling good: health stems from balance, disease from imbalance. The medicine Dr Dawn practices is the real deal.  I can’t recommend her and her clinic enough.