Nicole Dunn Full

I run a health and wellness public relations firm and have met and worked with many doctors. However, not until I met Dr Dawn did my life long digestive problems resolve. Dr Dawn asked me questions and performed tests that no other doctor I had ever met did, leading to an understanding of what was making me feel terrible. I was put on a regime of high grade supplements that have changed my life.  The brain fog and stomach pain are completely gone.  I have never felt better!

Our society is used to seeing a doctor for 7 minutes to give us a diagnosis and treat with pills we often don’t need.  What we really need is to have more time invested to get to the ROOT of the problem with better answers about our health. This is what Dr. Dawn and her center provides. I’ve seen the difference this type of healthcare can make in my life and the lives of many people I know who see her.  I am so grateful Dr Dawn is here to educate and help both her patients and be create an impact for change in the way medicine is practiced.