We are so excited you are considering us as your functional medicine providers — we do not take this responsibility lightly!

For questions or to schedule your new patient appointment, please either fill out the form at the bottom of the page or contact us via phone at 310-914-3400 or by email at [email protected]


3 Steps to Joining Our Patient Community

Step 1: Read Through the Information Provided on the Website

We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health by helping you address chronic health concerns through uncovering the root causes and nourishing the foundation of your health, rather than merely treating symptoms. It is important that our patients understand and feel comfortable with the type of care we provide.

To help you understand what we do and how we do it, we encourage you to fully explore the educational information we have created for you. Click HERE to learn about our practice as well as to find many of the answers to frequently asked questions, such as cost, insurance, services provided, and what to expect as a patient.

Step 2: Contact Us to Schedule Your Appointment

Our New Patient Coordinators is available to assist you with scheduling your first appointment. You can reach us by either of these avenures.

Option 1: Call 310-914-3400 and select the option for “New Patients.”

Option 2: Fill out the form below and a Patient Care Coordinator will reach out to you at the soonest availability.

Step 3: Setup your Patient Portal and fill out the New Patient Forms

After scheduling your appointment, you will receive an email with an invitation to setup your Patient Portal in ChARM where you will be able to access all of your medical records.  Once you do so, you can access the patient forms listed below.

The following New Patient forms must be completed in your ChARM portal at least 72 hours prior to your first appointment:

  1. New Patient Questionnaire
  2. Office Policies & Consent Forms
  3. Upload Prior Lab Results/Medical Records (Optional)
  4. Consent to Release Medical Records (Optional)

Preparing for your Initial Consultation

Did you setup your Patient Portal inChARM and complete/upload the following?

  1. New Patient Questionnaire
  2. Office Policies/Consent Forms
  3. Upload Prior Lab Results/Medical Records (Optional)
  4. Consent to Release Medical Records (Optional)

What to bring to your appointment:

  1. Your first morning’s urine sample collected in a disposable container (tupperware, small mason jar, etc)
  2. A list of any supplements and/or medications you are currently taking
  3. Prior lab results and/or applicable medical records (if not already uploaded into your ChARM Patient Portal)
  4. Your Driver’s License and medical insurance card

How to prepare for bloodwork:

If you would like to do complete blood draw at the time of your appointment, please be fasting for 8 hours prior to your appointment.  This means no food or drink other than water, for 8 hours prior to your appointment.  If you have an afternoon appointment or you are unable to fast, we can simply schedule the blood draw for another day.

It is very important to us that you are familiar and comfortable with the type of care we provide at The Center for Whole Health. If you are new to Functional and Integrative Medicine and haven’t yet read the “About” section of our website, please be sure to click HERE to learn more about what we do and click HERE to learn how this innovative type of medicine differs from conventional medicine practices.

What to Expect at Your New Patient Appointments

Initial Consultation Appointment

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your appointment to allow for the necessary check-in and administrative time with reception upon arrival.

Check-in with Reception (10 minutes)

Sign in with our reception and complete any additional paperwork or administrative items. We will need a copy of your Driver’s License and health insurance card to submit with any labs that require it, so please  be sure to bring those with you.

Initial Consultation (60-120 minutes)

At your initial consultation, we will discuss your current symptoms, health concerns, medical history, family history, emotional state and relevant personal habits to understand the contributing factors to your health concerns. If you have any previous lab testing or medical records from your primary or specialty physicians, please bring them or upload them into your patient portal prior. At the end of the visit, we will recommend relevant lab tests along with a preliminary treatment plan based on your individual health needs. This may include dietary or lifestyle recommendations, supplements, IV or injection therapies, lifestyle modifications, etc.

In-Office Procedures and/or Blood Draw with Nursing Staff (15-60 minutes)

Most patients elect to complete their blood draw immediately following their initial consultation, though you are welcome to schedule this for another day if that is more convenient. If there are any in-office procedures and IV therapies we recommend for you, you may also be able to do this at the time of your initial consultation.

Second Appointment (60 minutes)

At your second appointment, which is typically 2 weeks after your initial visit, we will review the results of any laboratory testing done and discuss any changes and improvements since the initial consultation. Based on this information, we will further personalize your treatment plan.

Follow-Up Appointments

The duration and frequency of your follow-up appointments will be dependent on your needs and the complexity of your conditions. Usually, future follow-up or lab review visits will range from 15-60 minutes.

What is your fee schedule?

All of our visits are billed based on time spent with the practitioner.  Due to variations in treatment style and approach, the structure and cost of the initial consultation is unique to each practitioner.  

Payment for services is due at the time of service.  Please call us for our most up-to-date fee schedule.

Do you accept insurance?

The Center for Whole Health providers are considered out-of-network with major insurances, and we do not accept insurance or Medicare.  We will provide you with a superbill for any billable services rendered, but reimbursement for services is your responsibility. Payment for services is due in full at the time of service. 

Some insurance carriers may cover medical services and laboratory tests performed by the physicians, so you may wish to contact your insurance company directly prior to your appointment for specific coverage details. 

What types of treatments do you offer?

All treatment plans are customized to each individual patient based on the doctor’s recommendations.  We offer many different customized IV therapies, the highest-quality medical grade supplements, neural therapy and other in-office medical treatments, as well as extensive nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

Are the doctors Primary Care Providers?

Due to the time-intensive nature of care and high demand for services, our patient appointment schedule is booked in advance.  For this reason, our practitioners are not available for primary care and patients should always have an in-network primary care physician whom they can see for immediate acute care needs such as seasonal illness, injury, etc.

What types of tests do you do? How much do they cost?

Testing is frequently done to assess nutritional status including amino acids, fatty acids, oxidative stress, vitamin levels, food allergies, and heavy metals. Many other tests are available, including genetic testing for a variety of conditions, hormone evaluations, bone health, gastrointestinal health, adrenal function, etc.

As a courtesy, we will submit your insurance information to the laboratories so that they may bill your insurance company directly. Coverage for laboratory testing will depend on your individual insurance policy. For those without insurance, many laboratories offer reduced prices for patients who pay for lab fees in advance. Typically, patients will pay between $200-$800 for laboratory tests, but we will be sure to review any costs prior to drawing blood or giving you test kits.

Can the tests I need be done at The Center for Whole Health?

We perform blood draws in-office and utilize outside laboratories for all specimen processing. Some testing can be performed at home with test kits to collect urine, saliva or stool. In all cases, we will assist you in coordinating testing.

Do I have to see the physician in person?

Yes, our doctor’s medical licenses require that they meet with a patient in order to provide an initial medical consultation, and there is no substitute for that initial doctor-patient connection. Follow-up appointments can be arranged by phone or in the office.

Do the doctors prescribe medicines?

Our doctors can and do prescribe medications whenever necessary. 

What is your cancellation policy?

Our office has a firm 48 business hour cancellation policy. You are responsible for the full cost of a missed appointment with the doctor. You will be charged a $35 fee for a missed IV or blood draw appointment. 

Can I bring lab results from other practitioners or done on my own?

Yes! We encourage patients to bring in any relevant lab test results or medical records from other practitioners. You can bring this to any of your appointments or load them directly into your ChARM Patient Portal.

What should I bring to my initial consultation?

  1. All of your vitamins and/or medications (in their original containers if possible, otherwise, as a list containing including detailed ingredients and dosages).
  2. Any recent lab test results and/or medical records (if possible these should be uploaded into your ChARM Patient Portal prior to the appointment).
  3. Your first morning urine of the day for lab testing purposes (in any clean disposable container such as a mason jar, plastic bottle, etc)
  4. Your Driver’s License and insurance card

Do I need to be fasting for my initial consultation?

If the appointment time is such that you are able to arrive fasting, that is highly recommended.  For most patients, the doctor will recommend a fasting bloodwork panel, and we are able to complete the blood draw immediately following the consultation.

Fasting is defined as no food or drink other than water for 8 hours prior to the draw.

Where are you located?

We are located at 11695 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

Our hours of operation are M-F 9 am – 4 pm, with a closure from 12 -1 for lunch.

Phone: 310-914-3400

Fax: 888-971-4161

Email: [email protected]