The Health Benefits of Self-Love

Can Self-Love Really Affect Our Health?


But, as Anita Moorjani explains in this great talk, self-love is more than just taking care of ourselves with diet, exercise, enough sleep, etc.

Be sure to listen to this Hay House Radio episode as Anita explains what self-love really is and how you can increase your own self-love, and increase it for others, too.

Another great resource on the healing power of self-love is Heather Dane and Louis Hay’s book, Loving Yourself to Great Health. This book is a must-read from two renowned and inspiring women on a mission to reshape the culture of wellness.

If you didn’t catch Dr. DeSylvia and Heather Dane on the last episode of 21st Century Medicine Woman, be sure to catch the Hay House Radio show HERE.  It was an inspiring and informative show in which she and Dr. DeSylvia discussed the complexity and frequent mislabeling of eating disorders and how a better understanding provides more effective treatments and deeper healing.

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Dr. DeSylvia, Dr. Salomon, Dr. Koorjee

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