We are excited to announce we have introduced new skincare products and treatments offered here in the office.

One line is by DNA Skin Institute, a skincare company that uses live frozen stem cells to boost collagen and improve skins overall quality in the most natural way possible. Like us at Whole Life Health, DNA Skin Institute believes in a whole body wellness approach to beauty. They have committed themselves to providing a completely chemical and preservative-free line of products without the harmful parabens, ureas, and dimethicones found in other skin care lines. All of the ingredients have a beneficial effect not only on skin but the entire body. We offer a very effective cryostem facial, customizing to your skin type and needs. The treatments yield dramatic results without skin tissue trauma, pain or recovery time. It is ideal for every individual including pregnant, lactating, sensitive, and allergenic.

We also carry the natural deodorant, PiperWai, as seen on Shark Tank. PiperWai is a unisex product that works naturally to keep odors at bay and does not include aluminum or other harmful ingredients that most deodorants and anti-antiperspirants contain.

We look forward to continuing your journey of health by caring not only for the inside of your body, but now the outside as well.

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