We all have genetic predispositions to certain diseases.  What science now reveals is that inflammation is key in affecting the extent our genes will become expressed and cause disease.  The sooner and more specifically we can identify what is contributing to internal inflammation, the better we are to ehance and protect our health.

Inflammation is your body’s response to stress and foreign invaders (bacterial, viruses, metals, inorganic compounds, or contact with the outside world in the form of a wound or trauma. )In the case of trauma or acute infection, inflammation is good and protective. However, in our modern increasingly busy and stress filled lives, along with the alarming amount of toxic chemicals in our environment, most of us live with a chronic, low-grade inflammation, that over time, destroys the balance of our bodies and provides fertile ground for serious disease to fester and develop.

In addition, the same chemical environment that exists in your body when you are sick, is the same chemical environment when you are stressed, anxious, angry, sad or depressed.  Whether from your diet, stress, infections, or your environment, your body has a common way of mounting a response to what feels harmful.

The good news is we can do something about this!

I call it the Five and Five:

What Five Areas may specifically be causing hidden inflammation in your body?

Once known, we can eliminate these causes of inflammation, and alter the environment known to increase genetic predispositions towards disease states.

  • Toxins
  • Allergens
  • Microbes (Infections)
  • Stress (physical, psychological)
  • Poor diet

And then What Five Areas do you need more of?

  • Healthy organic foods
  • Medical interventions in the form of Vitamins, minerals, nutrients, hormones, and sometimes prescription medications and other western interventions
  • Exercise and movement
  • Love, community, connection, meaning and purpose
  • Mindfulness or Meditation practice