Below is a sample of the lines we carry:

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Your Personal Pharmacy

No more wandering the isles of nutritional products, wondering which one is best for you! Whether you are a patient of ours or visiting our store for the first time, we look forward to guiding you through our supplements, ensuring you and your specific needs are most optimally met! Our superior line of products reflects the most current research and scientific discoveries, in order to provide the best of what medicine can offer.

Our customized packages make it easy to get the support you need.

It’s always best assess your needs in an appointment in order to tailor recommendations to your unique needs, but some of our favorites are: (email for shipping or visit our office store to pick up)

  • Travel
    Support your immune system and be prepared for any illnesses away from home with our immune travel kit: Viracid, On Guard , Viral Clear. For radiation protection due to X-ray scanners and air travel- ENL-RD or Chlorella
  • Energy
    RN Cardio D Ribose, AR NT Energy Chews, QS Lipospheric Vitamin C, Energy Boost, PE Pure O2 Energy, Ultra B complex with PQQ
  • Immune support
    IT Curcumax Pro, Xymogen Pro Bio Defense, QS Lipospheric Vitamin C, IT Fish Oil, QS Lipospheric Vitamin D.
  • Cold or flu symptoms
    Viracid, On Guard, Viral Clear, IT Sambucus or DFH Ginger Tussin cough syrup, Neil Med saline flush, and Zinc.
  • Sleep
    5HTP and Melatonin, IT Sleep Reset, Gabatrol, DFH Magnesium Citrate Powder
  • Digestion
    Critical digestion enzymes or Intolerance Complex, K Prothera Complete Probiotics, IT Glutamine Forte
  • Mental clarity
    QS Glutathione, NAC, Energy Boost, VN Detox Support
  • Youthful Skin
    Offering Exclusive Organic skin care lines and patented collagen masks
  • Athletic performance

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